lower back pain exercises

Lower Back Pain Exercises

Lower back pain exercises are important if you want to get rid of your lower back pain. Muscles that support the spine are not always as strong as they should be. As a result, these muscles can pull on discs that can cause lower back pain. Also, weak muscles can prevent the spine from moving correctly, which can lead to back pain. Here, I will discuss lower back pain exercises for both home and gym use.


One of the easiest lower back pain exercises is to lie on your side with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Then, lower yourself slowly to the floor and repeat in slow, relaxed movements until you feel a comfortable stretch in your lower back. You should feel a small stretch in your hamstring, quadriceps, and deep hip flexors. To stretch and strengthen your lower back, it helps to stretch and strengthen these muscles as well.

A lower back pain exercise that strengthens abdominal muscles is the plank. Start by laying flat on your back. Locate your lower back next to your ribs with your hands placing on your lower back and your elbows placing directly beneath your lower back. Next, slowly lower yourself until your chest is resting on your elbows. Repeat in slow, controlled movements to stretch your lower back.

Core Stability

Core stability and lower back strength are extremely important for avoiding lower back pain. Core stability means your body is in balance. Many lower back exercises strengthen core muscles and prevent lower back pain. For example, if you sit with your stomach touching your lower back, that opens you up to putting too much pressure on your lower back. This can cause lower back pain. So you will want to avoid sitting in this position.

Total Body Workouts

A great lower back pain exercises routine includes total body workouts. These workouts will increase your metabolism and help burn calories. Exercises that focus on lower back pain are also good because they build endurance. Endurance is important in avoiding lower back pain exercises that strengthen the lower back. This means you will be less likely to tire quickly if you have to do lower back pain exercises that strengthen the lower back again.

lower back pain exercises

For a complete workout, you should include some lower back exercises that strengthen core muscles and some cardio work. These lower back exercises can help strengthen the abdominals, lower back, glutes, quads, and other important muscles. Cardio works when done regularly and with intensity. Cardio is important because it helps strengthen the muscles of the lungs, heart, and many other muscle groups. When done properly and consistently, cardio can benefit your entire body. You will feel healthier for it!

Mid-Back Muscles

One way to target lower back pain muscles without putting too much pressure on the lower back is to perform exercises that train the mid-back muscles without aggravating the lower back. This approach is similar to training for lower back pain exercises that train core midback muscles without putting too much stress on the lower back. Some exercises that train the mid-back without putting stress on the lower back are deadlifts, squats, lunges, hip flexors, and pull-ups. Many people are surprised by how strong their legs can become after only doing a few weeks of this type of exercise program. It takes a few weeks of intense training to get used to, but once you do, your legs will be stronger and more flexible than ever!

Core Abdominal Muscles

Strengthening your core abdominal muscles will help support your lower back as well as strengthen your whole midsection. Strengthening your lower back without putting stress on your lower back is also important because if you tend to overdo back pain exercises, the abdominals will not be stressed to the same degree as the lower back. If you are currently experiencing lower back pain, consult your doctor or physician to see if there is something else going on with your body. Abdominal muscles will be strengthened, as will lower back pain exercises that target abdominal muscles without putting stress on the lower back.

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